About Cookies in a Snap

“Cookies in a Snap” (patent pending) was born out of an inspiring cookie making moment that led to a uniquely new way to shape and mold cookies. Our first “Cookies in a Snap” product is the beginning of a series of creative accessories for shaping, molding, and making cookies.

Our goal is to make memories for adults and children engaged in the creative and fun activity of baking cookies. Our products will be designed and manufactured to be functional while also being designed in a clean contemporary style that is visually appealing. We are very much amateur bakers but creative professionals excited about designing new products to make everyday moments special.


With a background in architecture and design, Bill Stank has had a long interest in product design and innovation, conceptualizing numerous projects and products with sketches and models. After years of imagining a truly streamlined product "Cookies in a Snap" became the invention that really felt right to bring to full development.  This product, along with the Kickstarter campaign is the result of all the designing, 3D printing, and planning to this point.

Bill is currently a project manager, managing design and construction, at the Bucks County Community College in Newtown, Pa.  He is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and has a master's degree from Temple University in Philadelphia.  When not engaged in new product ideas, Bill is interested in home renovation, art and painting, drawing, and bicycling.